I have known Katy Hall since 2007

when we started the Montessori Studies Course

together in Liberties College, Dublin 8.




I learnt quite early that Katy's was a very premature birth, and as a result she has some serious allergies, and other ailments such as a lower back problem and Asthma which she never bothers to mention.  She had to fight from the moment she was born, and I believe she has fought all her life; always taking on extra work, always pushing herself further.  Katy never complains or asks why me ~ she is very positive and gets on with a full and generous life, loved by her friends.


In August 2016, Katy took on an extremely personal Fundraising Mission for University College Hospital, in London which was very successful.  Katy was so proud to raise over £600 for the neo-natal unit.


Ever since we met, Katy's commitment to the welfare of children was apparent, and throughout her career since, as a highly regarded bi-lingual nanny, she has given to so many children what she was given by UCLH, and more.  Katy supports those who need it, and she thanks those who helped her.


Knowing Katy is inspirational; it has meant I have learnt about always trying harder, always pushing oneself.  If I ever think 'this is too much trouble', I just have to ask myself, 'What would Katy Do Here?', and I get on with it.


Katy is a Nominee for the "JustGiving Awards 2017".



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Katy Makes a Difference.





Kind regards

Iseult Catherine O'Brien